PADI OWD course is first step to become a diver.
AOW is step up course for OWD.
Let's go diving together!!

Price List

PADI OWD and AOW course

PADI OpenWaterDiver Training Course
80,000JPY Per Person
PADI Advanced OpenWaterDiver Training Course
70,000JPY Per Persom
5,000JPY discount for over 2.
All prices are included equipment.
All prices are not included lunch.
All prices quoted include 10% Japanese sales tax.

Schedule on the day for OWD

Finish PADI e-learning by your self before come to Amami
Meet up at dive center or Staff will pick you up
  Fill out application form and check dive gear
Review e-learning and quick test
  Practice how to set up equipment and underwater skills
Confined water training at shallow depth and snorkeling test
8:00 Start
Open Water Dive Training #1
Open Water Dive Training #2
13:00 Lunch time
14:00 Finish
*Open Water Dive Training #3 in afternoon  (You can adjust this to DAY3)
8:00 Start
Open Water Dive Training #3
Open Water Dive Training #4
13:00 Paper work (write Dive log and apply OWD)
14:00 Finish


Schedule on the day for AOW

Finish PADI e-learning by your self before come to Amami
Meet up at dive center or Staff will pick you up
  Fill out application form and check dive gear
Go to Boat marina or Shore dive site
10min to Boat marina / 15~20min to each dive site
9:30 Advanced Open Water Diver Training #1
Advanced Open Water Diver Training #2
14:00 Lunch time
15:00 Advanced Open Water Diver Training #3
17:00 Finish
9:00 Advanced Open Water Diver Training #4
Advanced Open Water Diver Training #5
14:00 Paper work (write Dive log and apply OWD)
15:00 Finish


Customer Reviews

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05:31 26 Feb 24
It was my first time diving on Amami Oshima and my first time diving on a boat, but since it was private, I was able to relax and enjoy it with peace of mind.Above all, the guide's personality, gentle demeanor, love for sea slugs, knowledge, etc. were very wonderful.It was my birthday, and they made me a cute birthday flag and took photos and videos of it. It was a very good memory ☺︎Thank you!Please come and dive in Kanto and Izu ♪ ♪I am writing this comment because I want to express my gratitude and because I genuinely recommend this shop.I want to go to Amami again! ! !
16:13 25 Feb 24
I used it by myself every day. It's a very fulfilling experience, and I highly recommend this shop if you're going diving in Amami (especially looking for sea slugs)!It was also helpful to be able to check availability and make reservations on the store's website, and to be able to get a slight discount on full rentals if you use it for multiple days.Also, since I tend to get seasick easily, I was glad that I didn't get sick because the diving point was about a 10-20 minute boat ride away.On the first day, we had a one-on-one guide.I want to take a photo! Because of this request, they helped us find the sea slug, guided us to a place where we could take photos, and even helped us with the lighting.Since there were no other guests, I was very happy to be able to photograph the same individual to my heart's content.On the second day, I dived with a regular who had made a reservation in advance, and the regular also gestured to me and told me that I was here, and either way, I was able to dive slowly and enjoyably since there were only a small number of people.After the dive, I was very happy to be able to look at photos of sea slugs and other living creatures as well.Also, on the way back, I was given a ride to a nearby shop that I was interested in, and after the activity, I was able to enjoy sightseeing in Amami.(Although Amami Oshima is large in area, there are few buses, so be careful!)I want to practice the camera functions you taught me and try my hand at sea slugs again!By the way…I dived for the first time in mid-February, and when renting a wet boat, I recommend renting the free food vest and boat coat. (I think you could choose at the time of reservation and it was first come, first served)The weather was sunny and warm with a slight breeze, but it got quite cold in the water. During the break, we were able to enjoy hot tea and snacks to replenish our energy, allowing us to continue diving while recovering our physical strength and body temperature.
00:17 22 Feb 24
The choice of dive spot also suited me. The owner's sense of distance is exquisite. It was very helpful for me to be able to share my detailed experience and provide advice.When I go to Amami again, even if I use a different shop, I want to go there and say hello to the owner.
06:33 31 Jan 24
It was really fun to meet sea turtles. It was more beautiful than the sea in Okinawa and I was very satisfied! I will come back again if I come to Amami Oshima!
Matthias GeigerMatthias Geiger
04:08 02 Dec 23
5/5 for everything that Rio had to offer for us :-)New equipment, private tour on his boat, great guidance underwater and if that would not be enough for 5 stars he definitely puts in the extra mile for his customers, provides local tips, shows and explains you the things about Amami and his attractions.Thank you very much Ryo for the dives we experienced with you!
natan haddadnatan haddad
14:13 20 Oct 23
High recommendation!I dived with Ryo 2 dives.First of all Ryo is just a wonderful person. He is so kind and friendly. also he gave me a lot of confidence and good atmosphere, witch it's really important in diving.Ryo speak fluency English, other diving centers don't speak English at all.At the dives, Ryo was really professional, showed me a lot of things and keeped all the diving rules.If you getting the chance, dive with Ryo!
LEAP SCUBA AMAMI, is a small dive center run by the owner Shinya Ryo.He speaks perfect English, so the conversation was never a problem. It was three beautiful personally guided dives to his secret dive sites and we were alone just nature, Ryo and me. He was always very attentive and showed me many, especially small fish and snails that I would have never seen otherwise. Thank you for the relaxed dives and I can only recommend this dive center. I will come back again. Ryo loves what he is doing-diving!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Soph DyerSoph Dyer
06:19 30 May 23
Ryo is a brilliant instructor - and a super fluent English speaker. Excellent equipment and probably the cleanest dive boat I’ve ever been on. Great dive sights (the cuttlefish mating was pretty special). A massive recommendation from me 🙂